Stepping StoneA Private Residential Facility Offering Treatment for Women In Recovery


Stepping Stone’s mission is to assist women in early recovery from alcohol and other drug abuse to rebuild their lives and re-enter society.  We offer a sober living environment in which we provide women with the tools to cope with the staggering task of overcoming their addiction so that they can begin the journey to sobriety and self-renewal.

Program Description

Our program based on the 12-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  In addition to a safe, secure residence, we provide a structured program of classes, meetings, and professional counseling fostering the close-knit community that is so important to early recovery.

During the 6-18 months of their stay, our residents take responsibility for re-entering society as productive members by working, volunteering, or going to school.

For over 50 years, Stepping Stone has successfully helped thousands of women who have resided here to achieve spiritual, emotional, and physical health.


Founded in 1962, Stepping Stone is the oldest alcohol and drug recovery program for women in Northern California. A residential program designed specifically for working women, Stepping Stone provides a secure and structured living environment and a variety of programs geared toward recovery from substance abuse and movement toward a productive and satisfying life of sobriety. The program is grounded in the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and many elements of Stepping Stone programs reflect the AA philosophy including attention to individual responsibility and accountability, the establishment and maintenance of healthy relationships, and program elements designed to foster personal and interpersonal integrity.

Stepping Stone is located in a lovely old Queen Anne Victorian home in the Richmond district of San Francisco. While living at Stepping Stone, women share meals and household chores, participate in regular house meetings, and practice basic self-care tasks at the same time that they are involved in treatment activities designed to aid in their recovery. All residents are required to spend at least 32 hours per week in productive activity outside the home: working, attending school, volunteering, or in job search activities. The home accommodates 13 women, a number small enough to ensure attention to individual needs and yet large enough to provide significant opportunities for group socialization.

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