Richard Henry Epstein

May 18, 1918 – January 18, 2008

RHE Charitable Foundation is a legacy of Richard Henry Epstein. Mr. Richard H. “Dick” Epstein devoted his long career to teaching 4th and 5th graders at Grattan Elementary school. Dick gave his equally long retirement to participating with neighbors and fellow volunteers, working energetically for nine local charities. This thoughtful, generous man leaves a legacy of volunteerism, humility and generosity that continues to illuminate lives. Dick was devoted to kids, animals, environmentalism, the arts and volunteering his time (he called it “staying busy”). Getting into the wilderness as well as the garden gave him great joy. Dick’s personal example and his endowment continue to provide resources that build upon his remarkable participation in the betterment of his community and of our world. Dick quietly worked to improve life for everyone who crossed his path.

Above: Cuz at Thanksgiving in Palo Alto, circa 1990. Photo by Debbie Lefkowitz.

Jennifer Heyneman Sousae, MFT

Jennifer has served RHE Charitable Foundation as Executive Director since its inception in 2008. Her leadership and grantmaking are evolving, but have roots in the foundation’s three giving areas. Jennifer is fifth-generation Californian. Many of her family, past and present, are environmentally-minded and work in the natural sciences. She is a lifelong back-packer, has been a river-rafting guide and remains an enthusiastic student of the wilderness. As a private-practice psychotherapist and past counselor for Swords to Plowshares’ veterans housing programs, Jennifer is witness to immense human resilience, and capacity for reconnection and recovery. Since childhood, she has loved attending and participating in live theater, music and dance. Her approach to RHE Foundation’s direction is inquisitive, collaborative and joyful.

Photo by Frederika Keiffer, Academy of Sciences, 2014