Located on the southwestern slope of Potrero Hill in San Francisco, Starr King Elementary School serves students from the immediate Potrero Hill neighborhood as well as San Francisco at large. Honoring the spirit of our school’s namesake, Thomas Starr King, our diverse student body of 360 students comes from all kinds of families. The staff and parents are proud that our school serves the community as a gathering place, a learning place, and a place where every child is both respected and challenged to reach his or her potential.

Our school offers three distinct programs to serve our students. These include a Mandarin Immersion Program, a General Education Program and a Special Day Class program that specializes in educating and supporting children with autism.

Mission: Our students will succeed in a constantly changing world. To do this, we prepare students to excel academically and navigate our diverse society with comfort and compassion.

At Starr King Elementary School, students, staff and families learn to thrive among differences in perspective, class, race, gender, and learning strengths without prejudice or bias.

Our school merges the three Rs (reading, writing, and arithmetic) with the four Cs — critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation — so that students can enter the century ahead in a position to make choices and guide their own lives.

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