The New Leader Scholarship provides aid to extraordinary upper division and graduate students in San Francisco/Bay Area public universities. We are committed to supporting economically and socially disadvantaged youth, mainly people of color, who have already shown promise and academic potential.We focus on helping them raise their sights to the very top of graduate education. Our dual purpose is to provide role models for those who follow and seek service for the public good and to seed new leaders.

The New Leader Scholarship is now in its 15th year. We have given 150 scholarships to 91 scholars. One hundred per cent have graduated from college; 75% are currently in or have completed graduate school. One hundred per cent of those entering graduate school complete their advanced degree. In addition to multiple-year financial awards and mentoring, the scholarship is committed to providing comprehensive pro bono medical, legal and mental health services as needed by the scholars.

Discretionary Donation 2014