The Youth Leadership Corps (YLC) is a merit based scholarship program that empowers a group of 10 highly motivated Bay Area teens to build their leadership skills and give back to their community. The program kicks off with an epic 14 day alpine backpacking adventure in the High Sierra. While trekking amid granite domes and alpine lakes, students build bonds of trust, an ethic of service and a framework of leadership and communication skills.

Once they’re back home, YLC students support each other and the community with monthly meetings and service projects under the guidance of their instructors. They take lessons and skills learned on course and apply them to real world leadership challenges they face in their schools and social groups. The result is a group of students who are inspired and empowered as community leaders and protectors of the environment.

Discretionary Gifts 2015 (Leadership Corps)

Outward Bound California

Photo: © Outward Bound San Francisco