SV2 is a high-impact giving circle. Our donors (“Partners”) pool their skills, energy, ideas, and money ($5-25K annually) to make a bigger, more meaningful difference than any one person could make alone. Our 180 Partners together decide which cutting‐edge nonprofits will receive SV2’s 3-year grants ($100-150K each) 
in the areas of At-Risk Youth, Education, Environment and International Development. Embracing the “venture philanthropy” model, Partners select Grantees that have proven models and are at crucial inflection points in their organizational development, and Partners offer professional advising to help each Grantee build capacity and scale up, not just pay for current programs. Founded
 by Laura 
Arrillaga‐Andreessen in 1998,
 SV2’s mission stretches beyond helping Grantees – SV2 Partners become more strategic lifelong philanthropists as they select and advise Grantees, attend SV2 educational events, and learn from one another.

Discretionary Donation 2012, 2013