MARIN BAROQUE Chamber Choir and period instrument Orchestra with Music Director, Daniel Canosa, has brought beautiful and unusual Baroque music to our community in 10 concerts since our inception in June 2012.  Performances have included: Handel’s opera Acis & Galatea in an outdoor, courtyard theater which we created; a Chamber concert of French love songs of 14th and 15th century France; a Chamber concert created by one of our Chamber Choir singers of Italian love duets,  as well other concerts of amazing music by Bach, Handel, Lidarti, Monteverdi, Rossi,  Saladin, Vivaldi and others with the Choir and Orchestra along with dance, poetry, and storytelling.  Audience reception has been consistently warm and very enthusiastic. The first Marin Baroque out of town concert, Jewish Music of the Baroque, was presented at Temple Emanu-El as part of the highly regarded Music at Meyer series.

For the 2014-2015 season, Marin Baroque, to date, has received invitations to present three concerts at various locations in addition to its regular season schedule.

All publicity materials are created by one of the Marin Baroque Chamber Choir singers who, additionally, is a professional watercolorist.  Response to these materials has been outstanding.

In harmony with its mission of developing strong and enduring ties with the community and to support community goals, Marin Baroque provided a lovely concert at the San Anselmo Dinner Under the Stars fundraiser.   This event helped to finance landscaping for the new Imagination Park for which George Lucas donated the land.  Additionally, Marin Baroque presented music at the Fair Housing of Marin fundraiser.

To support the development of young musicians in our community, Marin Baroque’s Music Director and Concertmistress have given workshops at two music high schools, one for an all girls’ virtuoso string ensemble and one for a choir, both of which were preparing Baroque pieces for concert.  The virtuoso string ensemble will play the first piece at a 2014-2015 Marin Baroque concert.

The mission of Marin Baroque is:

–       to present historically informed musical performances through enlivening experiences that explore and integrate multiple forms of artistic expression.

–       to promote educational programs and cultural events in collaboration with local organizations and individuals in order to contribute to the artistic life of the Marin County, California community and beyond.

Grant Recipient 2012, 2013

Photo Credit: Stephen Thomas