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Focus Areas

Edgy Arts

We focus our arts-funding on providing Bay Area audiences relevant, enlightening, intimate and high-quality arts experiences. We partner with creative leaders in the Bay Area, supporting their missions to bring diverse, under-represented, emerging artistic talent to audiences and to the public eye. RHE Charitable Foundation shares these organizations’ goal of increasing audiences attending and participating in the arts.

Human Resilience

We partner with nonprofits that provide for our challenged community members. Human Resilience is empowered through education, housing and social services, mental health and addiction-recovery services, and self-esteem building partnerships and mentorship. Our Executive Director witnessed remarkable human resilience when serving as a counselor for Swords to Plowshares housing program.

The Environment

We support a selected number of Northern California’s stewards of the environment. These leaders and their nonprofit organizations deftly watch after and advocate to preserve our region’s natural treasures through habitat preservation, conservation research, partnership-building and environmental advocacy, environmental science and environmental education. Our future depends on kids and families getting outdoors today.

Mission Statement

RHE Charitable Foundation’s Mission is to extend the legacy of compassion and generosity created by its founder, Richard Henry Epstein.
We provide grants to organizations whose work we admire.
We are particularly interested in:
– Protection of lands and waters that serve to enrich the lives of all creatures, including us.
– Restoration of human resilience
– Cultivation of edgy arts

News & Views

Playwrights Foundation

Playwrights Foundation is one of RHE’s first grantees. As a center for new play development that supports and champions contemporary playwrights in the creation of new works to sustain theater as a vital, dynamic art form, PF’s purpose is to identify exceptional writers, and give them space, time and artistic collaborators to explore their new theatrical ideas, untried experiments, and untested theories. Through our devotion to the work of contemporary playwrights, we are honored to embody the spirit of Richard H. Epstein, a life-long teacher and lover of theater; and continue our long, and fruitful relationship with RHE’s founder, Jennifer Sousae, who served as a member of PF’s Board of Directors for eight years, including a term as our Board President. With RHE’s support we cast our hopes and dreams for the future of American theatre. www.playwrightsfoundation.org

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